Careers at McQueen International

An equal passion for people and problem-solving

Organizational success starts with understanding people: What motivates them? What unlocks their potential? What obstacles stand in their way? We challenge ourselves constantly to produce more empathetic, evidence-based answers, which we put to the test with our own culture.

We hire individuals who demonstrate curiosity, resilience, and creativity in problem-solving. Our most successful hires combine those qualities with a genuine passion for people. They thrive in our welcoming, inclusive, and diverse culture. And no matter which career path they take, they enjoy the right balance of freedom, responsibility, and support as they chart their course.

Learn why top talent chooses us.

Career growth and promotion from within

You’ll work side-by-side with leadership experts who can open new doors. We have a strong track record for promoting employees to senior-level roles.

Global clientele across industries

With offices in 7 countries, you’ll have the chance to work with the world's most successful multinational companies and build a valuable global network.

Competitive pay with best-in-class benefits

We offer competitive compensation at every level, provide opportunities for you to increase your earnings exponentially throughout your career, and ensure benefits to fit your life needs.

Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

McQueen is committed to improving diversity inside our firm and with our clients. From our AESC Diversity Pledge and the development of the Director Institute to our Board Diversity Pledge, we aspire to give a voice to all employees so they feel included, inspired and that the firm invests in their successes.

Challenging and satisfying work

No two days are the same. The variety of our engagements provides novel opportunities that will challenge you to think and work in new ways.

Enjoy the company you keep

The best part about working at McQueen is the people. You’ll be a part of a team that understands the value of collaboration and enjoys working together to succeed.

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