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Consumer Products

Dedicated to supporting your success in dynamically changing markets

The global consumer goods market is huge and continues to grow, making it a vital part of the economy. The market is worth over $10 trillion and is expected to reach $20 trillion by 2027. To stay ahead in this competitive environment, companies need to constantly adapt to consolidation, fragmentation, digitization, and changing consumer expectations. This calls for bold leadership with vision, agility, and decisive action to attract new customers and build loyalty, whether through entering new fields or using innovative sales channels.
We use data-driven approaches and a team of cross-border, cross-industry specialists to find leaders who can navigate change effectively. These leaders will drive product innovation, build new sales channels, and optimize complex supply chains. We serve a diverse range of clients, from global brands to family-owned businesses and private equity-backed startups. We help senior management, executive boards, and non-executive boards obtain the dynamic talent they need to flourish and expand in the market.

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