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Medical Technology

Fostering a culture of agile leadership for better patient outcomes

Business models throughout healthcare are undergoing unprecedented change, driven by scientific and technological breakthroughs, a shift towards value-based systems, and an increasingly informed patient population. To navigate this transformative landscape effectively, medical technology leaders must operate with agility and purpose, inspiring excellence from internal teams while forging effective partnerships with fellow innovators.
At McQueen, we are dedicated to advising leadership teams and boards of medical device, diagnostics, and equipment companies, from early-stage incubators and disruptors to established Fortune 500 enterprises. We understand the nuances of effective leadership across various stages of company maturity, global markets, and the entire product lifecycle.
Leveraging our deep industry expertise and data-driven assessment methods, we evaluate leadership capability, future potential, and cultural fit to identify and develop diverse talent capable of seizing the growth opportunities that arise from disruptive change.

Our comprehensive suite of talent advisory services empowers medical technology leaders to:
• Build high-performing teams aligned with strategic goals and company culture.
• Develop future-ready leaders who can navigate the evolving healthcare landscape.
• Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
• Attain sustainable growth and competitive advantage in a dynamic industry.
By partnering with us, medical technology leaders can gain a decisive edge in a rapidly evolving field, shaping the future of healthcare with talent that is agile, purposeful, and ready to make a lasting impact.

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