How the world’s best CEOs are pivoting their organizations to a more sustainable future

Sustainable Leadership: Lessons of Vision, Courage, and Grit from the CEOs Who Dared to Build a Better World  is a complete blueprint for infusing sustainability across business strategy, all while growing your bottom line.

11 Sep 2023

Drawing on the stories of 35+ CEOs at world-leading companies, including Adidas, Heineken, Duke Energy, Natura &Co, Maersk, Mahindra Steel, and Salesforce, veteran leadership expert Clarke Murphy shows how sustainability action is within reach of every business executive.

Perfect for CEOs and boards across industries, Sustainable Leadership is also a can’t miss book for sustainability experts, entrepreneurs, and next-generation leaders looking to make sense of the latest—and most profitable—sustainability strategies.


  • How to set a bold vision for change—and bring stakeholders along on your journey.
  • How to overcome setbacks—from not having all the answers to learning from mistakes.
  • The specific skills and mindset you’ll need to deliver on your sustainability promises.
  • How to inspire the next-generation of sustainable leaders to cement your legacy well into the future.

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