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Futureproof your leadership. AI-ready leadership development programs, coaching, training, & mentoring to unlock your organizational success. Equip them to thrive, not just survive.


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Futureproof your leadership. AI-ready leadership development programs, coaching, training, & mentoring to unlock your organizational success. Equip them to thrive, not just survive.


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Unleashing the power of your teams to build a High-Performing, Inclusive and future ready organization.

Route to the Top | Today’s CEO: The growing importance of character, learning, and leading in a contested world

As we cross half way in 2024, one capability stands out above the rest: those who travel the route to the top today must demonstrate the ability to lead across the boundaries that divide us.

Quiet Quitting & Employee Retention: Leaders grapple with managing disengaged workforces and creating environments designed to maximize retention.

The article discusses the phenomenon of "quiet quitting," where employees become disengaged and do the bare minimum required, posing a significant challenge for leadership. It delves into the root causes of this trend, including unmanageable workloads leading to burnout, lack of growth opportunities, feeling undervalued, and misaligned company values. The piece emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues through retention-focused leadership strategies such as encouraging two-way conversations, rethinking productivity measures, creating opportunities for meaningful work, fostering a culture of recognition and growth, and ensuring company leaders set the right example. It warns of the high costs of inaction, including damaged reputation, missed opportunities for innovation, and the spread of apathy among the workforce. The article concludes by advocating for a proactive approach to leadership that focuses on building a positive and sustainable workplace culture.

Crafting an Unforgettable Professional Story: Mastering the Art of Creating a Standout Résumé

Crafting a standout resume requires dedication and time investment. Avoid rushing the process; view it as the creation of a strategic marketing document. Initiate with a compelling summary of your expertise, followed by an accomplishments section aligning your experience with the job requirements. Prioritize relevant information, steering clear of unnecessary details. Selectively include employment history, achievements, and skills, customizing your resume for each specific position. Provide concrete examples of your expertise, incorporating quantifiable accomplishments. Seek feedback from a mentor or friend for a fresh perspective. Additionally, develop a personable LinkedIn profile to complement your resume.

How the world’s best CEOs are pivoting their organizations to a more sustainable future

Sustainable Leadership: Lessons of Vision, Courage, and Grit from the CEOs Who Dared to Build a Better World  is a complete blueprint for infusing sustainability across business strategy, all while growing your bottom line.

Global Leadership Monitor H2 2023

Economic uncertainty and the availability of key talent and skills are the joint highest-ranked threats to organizational health over the next 12-18 months—with 68% of executives selecting each issue as a top-five threat.

 Technological change and increased regulation also ranked highly, with 51% and 41% of leaders considering them as top threats. Meanwhile, consumer behavior and geopolitical uncertainty appeared in leaders’ top 10 concerns.

Exploring Financial Officer Turnover in Europe

As European organizations navigate tumultuous macroeconomic trends, CFO retirements hit a four-year high, and turnover rates continue to increase, experienced financial leaders are few and far between. This poses significant risk to organizations looking to retain their CFOs in an increasingly competitive market.

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